In 2006 New Vision Unlimited (New VU) was founded in Sioux Lookout, Ontario by Graham Thompson and Erin Horvath. Out of a desire to see people realize their fullest potential, they listened to the needs of organizations, community leaders, youth and elders in the region. New VU began building effective customized experiences designed to empower individuals and teams in developing a different perspective, direction and skill set to fulfill the identified needs.

In 2013 New VU expanded its services to the Muskoka and Parry Sound area. For the first year we simply listened to local people and groups share their experiences and challenges. Gradually we created a vision for how New VU can assist the needs of the area, including the development of The HUB.

Today New VU has projects running in various places, all working to develop social change in their respective communities. Below are links to some of the current programs:

The HUB NewVu NewVu Counselling